Monday, September 5, 2016

Pretty Dolls in Kuala Lumpur

An Early Christmas Gift from Yours Truly

After writing about my sex adventures in Kuala Lumpur where I'm residing now temporarily on this blog post about KL sex saunas and spas, I've been getting a lot of emails asking me to spill more beans about KL's nightlife and sex industry.

Like Thailand, prostitution is technically illegal in Malaysia. But it's tolerated.

KL is not really well known as a hot bed of Asian prostitutes to most foreigners like Bangkok is. But the pay for play scene in KL is alive and kicking. Even though prostitution is illegal in KL, you can very easily find hookers to keep you company.

For example check out prettydoll888.com. I think this is the same group that ran JJ Spa. This is one of the best kept secrets I can divulge to the rest of you perverts looking to pay to spend some time with some very pretty girls.

Uzbek or not Uzbek? But damn she was fine and hot!

They provide girls from China, Vietnam, Laos and Indonesia. But they also have girls from Russia, "Uzbekistan" and "Korea".

I put Korea in quotes because I've been with a few of their "Korean Girls" but I eventually found out they are not Korean at all.

I know more than a few Korean words and I've even lived in South Korea in the late 90's briefly. When I tried to speak to them all I got were awkward smiles.

So where the f**k are they from? If I had to make an educated guess, I would say the few "Korean" girls I paid for are from Mongolia.

Why the charade? If you don't know it by now these days Korean girls are hot and in demand to Southeast Asian males. South Korean girl bands look amazing in their music videos and you can bet your ass that a lot of Malaysian dudes were spanking their monkeys to Girl's Generation videos like I have.

Besides real Korean hookers can make a shit load more money in South Korea than they can in Malaysia. So there would be no reason at all why Korean hookers would want to go to KL for work. Not unless they're from North Korea but that's a whole different story.

Prettydoll888 is capitalizing on that fact that local Malay men would love to have a go at desirable Korean women. But if they can't get real Korean girls they might as well get the next best thing.

Which is women from Mongolia. That's right, I think the women advertised in Prettydoll888 as Korean actually hail from Mongolia. And they cost RM280 for 45 minutes and 1 shot.

You'll see on Prettydoll888 that they also have women from "Uzbekistan" costing RM230 for 45 minutes 1 shot too. If you look at their website you'll see that their Uzbek girls look Asian. Although that is possible, are they really from Uzbekistan? I can't speak Russian but I'm willing to bet their Uzbek girls are actually from Mongolia too.

You can find Prettydoll888 on premise of Q House Hotel in Kuala Lumpur

Now they do have a few Russian girls and I can confidently confirm that Prettydoll888 actually have girls from Russia. I banged and spoke to them that's how I know. Russian girls cost RM330 for 45 minutes and 1 shot too.

Personally, I don't really care for where their girls come from. I just know Prettydoll888 girls are hot. The group that runs these girls really know how to select their girls and I applaud them for it. And it's hard to share this bit of information with the rest of you perverts.

China girls price start from RM230. Indonesian and Vietnamese girls start at RM180 and are the cheapest.

But Here's How to Find Prettydoll888 in KL

The nearest KL Monorail station to Q Hotel is called Medan Tuanku station in Chow Kit.

Prettydoll888 is inside of the Q Hotel Kuala Lumpur for incall service.  It was formerly called the Citrus Hotel and this is a decent budget hotel in the city if you're planning to fool around in KL. It's not a 4 star hotel more like a 2 or 3 star. And I can tell you from experience their beds are quite comfortable.

Prettydoll888 operates from the 3rd to 5th floor of the hotel. There's no spa or massage service. It's a straight up bang and go shop. They pretty much booked most of the rooms on those floors.

Don't mind the Citrus Hotel name on the map it is not updated. Q Hotel recently took over .

Sorry guys, I didn't make a video walking to Q Hotel because the walk takes about 10 minutes and I have to cross a few roads with a lot of traffic. But believe me it's easy to find Q Hotel, especially when you use google maps.

The main entrance of Q Hotel

Q Hotel Elevator in lobby. Remember, head to either 3rd, 4th or 5th floor to find the guys working for Prettydoll888

The eastern side of Q Hotel. You will see this building while walking towards Q Hotel.

When you get to the floor you meet a guy sitting right outside the elevator. Just say Prettydoll and tell them what girl you're looking for. Let's just call he guy what he really is which is a pimp.

Q Hotel elevators. Not sure why but this ugly green is in a lot of KL business establishments.

Or you can ask to see every girl available. The pimp will take you to each room they're staying in. I recommend visually inspecting the girls up front. They don't look exactly like their photos,  but very close. And most of the girls are quite beautiful regardless.

The pimps that manage the girls can speak English so no problems at all communicating with them. And one important thing to note is you pay the girls directly. You don't pay the pimps. And tipping is not necessary. Not unless you want to or course.

Prettydoll888 is also an escort service in KL. Just check their website for outcall rates.

So there it is. An early gift from yours truly. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Dining At The Y and Getting BJs

Going Down on Thai Hookers - Good Idea or Not?

I get tons of emails from guys asking me if it's safe to eat out a Thai hooker's pussy. Dining at the Y or DATY for short. Just picture a girl with her legs up in the air and you'll get the picture.

The easy answer is no. Of all the years I've been messing around with prostitutes I have only went down on one or two girls. But those girls were hot, on the 1 to 10 scale they were a 12 and a very good friend of mine paid a lot of Baht to get those girls for me.

But I haven't been one to perform cunnilingus on any women. Not even when I was still married to my ex-wife.  And one of the reasons why she divorced me I suppose. I just find it unappealing. But that's me. If you enjoy go for it. But I'd prefer sticking my face in a rare T-Bone steak.

Though there is another reason why I don't enjoy DATY on any hookers. Let's use a bit of visual reinforcement here.

Picture yourself at a go go bar. If you're reading this and inside a go go bar now this will be a lot more effective.

Take a good look at the customers sitting next to you on your left.  Now take a long hard look to your right.  Notice they are all a bunch of degenerate mouth breathers. Now imagine all of them pile driving into a bar girl in a short time room. You still want to put your mouth on that? It's up to you. To me, that's just plain old nasty.

I have a lot of friends who enjoy DATY. As much as they claim to regret doing it afterwards they still do it! Though I think a few stopped after catching herpes. So yes, you can catch nasty STDs!

But there is another way I always look at it. When I'm with a Thai hooker I want her to pleasure me. I'm paying for it after all. If she wanted me to pleasure her she has got to pay me or at least give me a discount. Performing cunnilingus has never given me pleasure. So why the hell should I do it?

My goal is to bang as many women as I can like the late great Wilt Chamberlain. To date I believe I'm just short 19,900.

Getting BJs in Bangkok

I also get a lot of questions asking me if bare back blow jobs are safe from Thai hookers. The answer is there is still a risk of catching something infectious like a drippy dick. You can still get genital herpes on the receiving end of a BJ. As of yet, you can't catch anything that pills and shots can't take care of.

That said, I am guilty. I've had a lot of uncovered blow jobs from Thai hookers. Every year I get a complete check up and I'm clean as a whistle (knock on wood).

But that's because I make my own judgements and I set my own limits on the risk I'm willing to take with Thai prostitutes.

I avoid BJ's from Thai girls wearing braces. Cause let's just face it. Metal braces rubbing on your shaft is just an invitation to disaster.

But hey I get it. Even though there is a certain risk of catching something I still can't resist a BJ from a pretty girl. And my smile turns into a frown when she whips out a condom and gives me a covered BJ.  And if she does I will never object to it. And you shouldn't either as she's only doing this for her safety as well as yours.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Not a Bad Way to Spend a Rainy Day...

Last week I made a quick trip back to Bangkok to check on my home again because of all the rain that's been pouring down.

So I had a chance to meet up with a few friends for a beer and then move on to get an oil massage somewhere along Sukhumvit Soi 22. I'll make a map of this soi soon there are a bunch of oil massage shops. Some look like there's no funny business going on inside but from the looks and playfulness of the massage girls outside of the shops I think they'll do more than just rub your backs.

Anyways we decided to head over to BKK48 Massage. I haven't been there in awhile but the times that I went I've always had a pretty good experience.

When we got there we saw a piece of paper taped to the storefront saying they are closed on July 4th for renovations. But we got there the day after and they were still closed. I would like to go back and check out what kind renovations they're going through.

Maybe because of all trouble brewing for the soapy massage parlors in Huay Kwang many oil massage parlors are putting in bathtubs to pick up the slack. I know Angels Massage put in some jacuzzis as an extra option for customers looking for a soapy experience.

I also passed by Bit Style Massage which is just a few shops away from BKK48 Massage. We were tempted to just go in since started raining heavy again. I didn't really have a good time there last year but maybe it's about time I head back there for another look see.

However, one of my friends suggested we head over to Analisa Massage. This is the same guy that introduced me to Analisa in the first place. That's because he likes having a finger in his ass while getting jacked off.

Never been to this room in Analisa

There's even a sofa. Analisa is also well known for freaky services.

Getting a "prostate massage" is something I don't like personally but Analisa has some girls with some decent massage skills. The hand job or blow job afterwards is just a nice finish. So I didn't mind heading over there again.

I didn't even bother choosing a girl this time. Analisa girls are okay when it comes to looks but they are better known for their services. And I did get a good massage with a nice BJ finish. This time though the massage girls used a cherry flavored condom on me with a slight thinner material. The last few times I've been to Analisa the girls used these industrial strength condoms and I couldn't feel a thing.

So a good change at Analisa.

Finally if you've been following what's been happening around on the soapy massage scene in Huay Kwang it seems like Nataree is still closed with Alaina Massage being affected too. Both are owned by the same guy.

From what I've been reading it seems like the owner hasn't been playing nice with the authorities. Which is one of the reasons why Nataree and Alaina closed for now.

All the other soapies along Ratchada have not been affected and it's business as usual. But if you're scared to go check one out for now I suggest going to the oil massage shops along Phrom Phong that you may search on this blog.

Personally I've always favored the oil massage shops.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Bangkok's Nataree Soapy Massage Got Raided

Last night Nataree Massage, one of my favorite soapy in Bangkok got paid a visit by the good ol' boys in brown. But don't worry, they weren't after customers. If the cops were they wouldn't go in on a Tuesday. They would do it on a weekend when Nataree is at it's busiest.

You see, Nataree always had this reputation for employing under-aged girls. Last nights police raid netted 10 girls under the age of 18. According to some reports foreigners employed by Nataree were arrested too. I am not aware of any foreigners working inside Nataree.

But I wouldn't be surprised if most of the under-aged girls were all not from Thailand.

At least 100 soapy and sideline girls were detained as well, take a look at http://news.sanook.com/2008094/ and you'll see a photo of Nataree's lobby filled with corner to corner prostitutes. According to the report the police did a 3 month undercover operation. That must have been a lot of fun. I can just imagine the amount of investigators clamoring to be involved in the case.

From the reports I've seen, no customers were arrested. This was strictly an operation to stop under-aged prostitutes.

I called one of the papasans I am friendly with in Nataree and he didn't want to say too much. But he says they should be back to business as normal in a few days.

Nataree Massage is located in Huay Kwang along Ratchadapisek Road. If you're not familiar with that area there are about 5 other soapies in the immediate vicinity. Nataree just had a bad night and got caught with under-aged sex workers.

For all the other soapy massage parlors in the area it's business as usual.

Friday, May 13, 2016

5 Bangkok Oil Massage Shops You Will Love

My First Top 5 Oil Massage Shops in Bangkok Review

There's a reason why I never made a top 5 Bangkok oil massage shop review before. It's because I don't like sharing my favorite places with the rest of you mouth breathers. Though I have made a top 5 soapy massage review not too long ago here. See, I'm not a selfish bastard after all.

But here's a confession. I prefer body oil massage shops with happy endings over soapy massage parlors. For some reason, the working girls inside oil massage parlors are prettier. And most of them actually do have some massage skills.

That's because a lot of the girls working in oil massage shops actually started working in massage shops that have a no strict no sex policy. Then one day they realize they can get more money by offering customers extras like a rub and tug for a little bit more money. And they certainly do know they'll make more money by working at a full service sex massage shop especially in Bangkok.

Another reason why I prefer oil massage shops is because they provide more exciting services. Nuru massage, balls massage, 4 hands massage and even a bit of role play are easily provided by such establishments.

Also, pretty much all the best body on body oil massage shops are next to each other or a walking distance as well.

Some of the shops I mention below are shops that I have already reviewed before. I've been to many other new shops that have opened but I tell you, my favorites still remain the best.

But I'm going to make this review a little different. For example I know guys want to find out which massage shop has the best nuru gel body on body massage. Or the best prostate massage. And of course which oil massage shop in Bangkok employ the hottest girls.

Incall or Outcall

Every shop I recommend has hot massage girls. And every shop I review below I'll include a link to their website so that you can check out photos of their girls. Problem is these types of businesses may not have updated their photos. So if you choose a girl on their website by calling them to send up to your room they will not tell you that girl is busy or not working anymore. They'll just send up any girl that vaguely looks like the one you chose.

Oil massage shop owners won't do this to you if they know you if you are a repeat customer however. That's the reason why I always tell newbies they should go to the massage parlor and take a look at the girls on premise. So if you're a newbie, don't be lazy. Get your ass out to a massage shop and get laid. Because I lot of the girls I see inside the shops do not have their photos up on websites.

And now, here's my list of the top 5 oil massage shops you should visit in Bangkok:

1. Mitu Massage (website) located on Sukhumvit Soi 33 right inside the stair entrance of S33 Sukhumvit Compact Hotel (which is guest friendly by the way). Bangkok has a lot of oil massage shops with happy endings so a business really has to stand out in order to compete. I'm giving Mitu Massage an award for standing out and being the most unique sex shop in Bangkok. It's a Japanese inspired parlor providing services that Japanese clientele or most Asian sex freaks recognize. Like anal rimming and cat baths. If you haven't tried it don't knock it.

I also give Mitu Massage a thumbs up for utilizing social media. I've always told massage parlors if they want customers they got to show them how easy it is to find their shop and that Bangkok is not a scary place. That video above shows walking from Phrom Phong BTS Sky Train exit #4 and only takes about 6 minutes to get to Mitu from there.

Granted Mitu is not the cheapest sex massage parlor on this list it's the price you'll have to pay for good looking Thai massage girls. Mitu has two different types of service girls, No Hand Massage Girls and Regular Massage Girls.

Don't get freaked out, no hands doesn't mean their girls have no arms. This means they'll use their tongues which is called a cat bath. They'll use their breast, thighs and ass to rub all over your body. Mitu's no hand massage girls cost a lot though, 70 minutes for 3000THB. But I tell you, it might be worth it because their no hand massage girls sure are fine looking.

2. Analisa Massage (website) - Prostate massages are a big thing these days I hear. I guess that's because most of us are of age and need to get our prostates checked. So why have a guy doctor put his finger in your ass if you can get some young Thai sweet honey to do it for you?

Analisa also provides customers nuru body on body massage services but the best shop for that service is revealed below.

Also I just check out their website while writing this post and I noticed Analisa has these special rates which is not bad for a quick release and go:

Testicle Massage and finished    30 mins               800 Baht
Testicle and   BJ finished          30 mins                 1,000 Baht
Testicle +Prostate Massage    45 mins                   1 ,000Baht

Analisa is probably the most well known finger in your hole massage shop with happy endings. Their real claim to fame is the tantric massage which starts at 2200THB for 1 hour. I usually go for the 90 minutes which cost 2400THB. I wrote a full recent review of Analisa here so you can check it out. You'll also find out where Analisa Massage is by reading that post. Also Tantra Massage which is across from Analisa is by the same owner and worth checking out too.

Lots of oil massage shops in this area. Which is why it's a good place to stay in a hotel.
These 4 hotels are good choices and all are guest friendly confirmed and near the oil massage parlors:

Nantra 39 Sukhumvit - 1400THB per night
24 Inn - 1400THB per night
Arize Hotel Sukhumvit - 2200THB per night
Emporium Suites Chatrium - 3500THB per night

3. Can Cam Massage (website) - Is located right on Sukhumvit Soi 24/1 or what I prefer to call "Oily Massage Row".  That whole strip went through some kind of quick transformation so many shops have either renovated or newly opened a year ago. If you want the best nuru gel massage experience than you will like Can Cam Massage.

I came to this shop because while I was walking past one day with the intention of going to Angel 26 Massage this cute Thai girl, made out to look like a Japanese girl really got my juices flowing.

It was my first time trying Can Cam so I asked them how much for a 90 minute nuru massage. The price was 2800THB which was acceptable. Plus did I mention the massage girl I chose was smoking hot. She was 22 years old, had reddish brown hair and even though she had fake nose and chin I could care less because her tits were natural and ample enough.

Second time I went there in a week the first girl I saw was busy. I should've made an appointment. Anyways I chose another girl who wasn't as hot, but her nuru massage body gliding skills was of olympic level. It's a Japanese run shop as well as most of the oil massage shops on 24/1 are these days so maybe the boss is cracking the whip so the girls are performing much better and harder!

4. Premier 101 Massage (website) is located on Sukhumvit Soi 26 alley (see map above) so it's really easy to find as well because it's not far from oily massage row. Even though most of the girls I liked when I first went there years ago are now gone, Premier 101 Massage still manages to find top quality Thai massage girls.

I wrote a review about them on this blog post 3 years ago. They don't do anything fancy at all. No ass licking or nuru massage. They only have Thai, oil and lotion massage. No fuss no muss. But they do have possibly the best looking massage girls in Bangkok. And that's a tall order. But you have to go there on weekends where the most girls show up for work. Also, ask to see the girls up front instead of rely on the picture books.

5. Angel 26 Massage (website) is located on the end of Sukhumvit Soi 24/1 also right on oily massage row. Angel 26 gets the award for the worst website design. Like I should complain. Anyways they advertise that they have around 60 massage girls on the weekends afternoon time.

They could be exaggerating but one time I went there during an afternoon weekend and I saw at least 40 girls inside the ladies waiting room. And there were at least 6 or 8 guys in the sitting area waiting for their friends which means there had to be 8 girls upstairs.

Now with that amount of massage girls you are going to find a girl you want to bang. I know a lot of guys don't want to waste too much time bouncing around looking for their type.

But Angel 26 Massage is well known for employing the most massage girls on premise because they can handle the capacity. They are one of the biggest operating sex oil massage shops in Bangkok.

I also like that Angels 26 charge separate price for sex which is 1500THB for full service. Massage you have to pay separately.

These days, Angels is trying to differentiate themselves by offering jacuzzi rooms. Plus they have really spruced up their rooms because years ago it was in really bad shape. But today it's way better.


I've been to many oil massage shops in Bangkok through the years. Many have opened and closed. But it seems that the older more established massage shops have stayed strong through the years. But I can certainly say it doesn't get boring whenever I have to make these kinds of reviews.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Best Pick Up Bar in Bangkok Just Got Better

The Thermae Bar on Sukhumvit Soi 15 - The Best Pick Up Joint in Bangkok

I've done a review about the Thermae Bar in Bangkok before but it's time for an updated post. I've been a regular at the Thermae longer than I can remember. To me, it's simply the best spot to pick up Thai prostitutes in Bangkok. There's no need to pay a bar fine, no need to buy lady drinks unless you want to. And for the past week I've been keeping some friends company and we've been dropping by the Thermae nearly everyday. It was fun times indeed!

Like me, they prefer a quieter places to check out Bangkok's finest freelance hookers while chatting over our reasonably priced alcohol without shouting over loud blaring music. The Thermae is not a go go bar nor is it considered a beer bar.

The Thermae Bar is a perfect meeting point for friends who have a habit of running late. Because you can always check out the available working girls standing around the bar while waiting.

The bar has about 30 to 40 girls Thai working girls inside charging from 1200THB to 2000THB for short time. All of the girls do not work directly for the bar. So no need to pay a bar fine. And no need to by lady drinks either. But you should just to be nice and besides Thermae's prices for drinks are not crazy expensive like go go bars. The girls are just as happy to get up and go with you for a quick romp in the bed.

And as an added convenience you can always stay at the Ruamchitt Hotel, which is a very popular budget hotel right on Sukhumvit near the red light districts. If you're not a guess at the Ruamchitt you have to pay 500THB to use their rooms for 1 hour. Because Thermae Bar is right downstairs the Ruamchitt Hotel it is preferred by many of my friends on a budget. You can check for discount rates for Ruamchitt here.

Most of the girls inside are between 20 to 30 years of age. You may find a handful of Thai girls in their late teens. For guys looking for mature women the Thermae won't disappoint as well.

Take a good look at the video above and you'll get a good idea about the bar. I don't own the video but I wanted to show everyone what it's like to be inside. I tried taking photos inside (not of people of course) but it's just too dark inside and crowded to get a good pic on a camera phone. From the looks of the video it looks like it was recorded around 12am because there are so many ladies and customers guys standing around because no seats are available.

Before, I always told people to get to the Thermae at around 11pm, when the most girls pile inside looking for customers. Around 11pm there are at least 30 ladies while after 1am there could be around 40.

Now, for some reason there seems to be a lot of girls by 7pm. At least from what I counted there were around 20 and there were a handful of very cute girls.

Just like what I've said about the soapy massage parlors on my last post, there are now more new girls at the Thermae.

No ladyboys are allowed inside. It's like some kind of unwritten rule. However, if that's your flavor, there are usually around 6 ladyboys standing out of the Ruamchitt Hotel and Thermae Bar entrance. Be outside around 12am and you'll find about 12 dudes with tits trying to catch guys too drunk to tell the difference. Because some of those ladyboys look like models.

Thermae Bar Hooker Rates

This is really one of the best pick up joints in Bangkok because you can find cute Thai girls charge as low as 1500THB for short time. One friend took a lady who was in her late 30's for short time for 1000THB and he says she wasn't bad looking.

One cute Thai girl charged me 2000THB for short time and I get 2 shots. Yes, you can talk to the girls about how many times you can get off. A lot of the prostitutes inside Thermae are actually looking for multiple short time customers, where they can make the quickest Baht. From my experience if you ask them for long time rates after 12am to 1am they'll usually offer you cheaper rates. Long time rates you can expect to pay around 4000THB to 6000THB. As usual the more attractive the girl is the more expensive the price.

But I wouldn't try and be too cheap with them considering you don't have to pay for bar fines and overload them with lady drinks.

The "Jap Trap"

Thermae Bar has a reputation for overpriced Thai freelancers due to the high volume of Japanese customers, either Japanese expats our Japanese tourists. The Japanese have a reputation for paying absurd prices. I think it's a false stereotype. There are a lot of Europeans, Americans, Canadians, you name it that also pay crazy prices too.

And Thermae hookers also have a reputation for preferring Japanese men, which is kind of true. But don't let that fact make you miss out on visiting the Thermae.

I have met a lot of people that swear off going to the Thermae because of the "Jap Trap" reputation. If that were true there would only be Japanese inside. But it's not. If you go inside you'd find guys from all over the world.

No matter how you look at it, you can save a lot of money pickup up Thai freelancers at Thermae Bar. A can of cola cost 80THB, a bottle of beer cost a 100THB, there's zero bar fines to pay or pushy bar bar girls asking to buy drinks and tip money.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

2016 Top 5 Bangkok Soapy Massage Review

This year it looks like soapy massage parlors in Bangkok is looking a lot better. I'm sure the influx of Chinese tourists has something to do with it. Because I have been noticing a lot more soapy massage ladies working in the fishbowls and doing side line jobs. Just makes my job reviewing soapies in Bangkok more fun.

After a week back in Bangkok showing some friends around Huay Kwang where all the best soapies are located I figured why not make a brand new updated post review on Bangkok's best soapy massage parlors! It's about time anyway. I don't think I made a review last year because the parlors haven't really changed that much.

But this year as I already mentioned I've been seeing a lot more ladies working especially light skinned Thai girls. I am also beginning to see more Thai massage girls on the plump side as well. It's well known that Indian customers prefer their woman with a bit more meat on them.

Well whether you like your girls skinny or fat I really think now is a good time to hit the soapies. Many of the papasans I've known for a long period of time have told me that many new girls are now on their roster. Which is good news for guys like me because I don't like to see the same faces all the time at some of my favorite soapy massage parlors.

But that's not all. There is also a major shake up on my top 5 favorite soapy parlor list!

My Top 5 Soapy Massage Parlors 2016

Amsterdam Massage Bangkok

1. Amsterdam Massage - A few years ago when I made this top 5 list I think Amsterdam was number 4 or 5. Can't remember. But this time around they are definitely #1 in my book. Now I haven't been back to Amsterdam Massage since last year. I only went there this time around because I had a friend staying over at a hotel across Amsterdam called Grand Mercure Bangkok Fortune Hotel.

Anyways I got there on a Friday evening around 7pm. Inside looks the same with all the ladies sitting on one side of the wall. There were around 20 to 30 girls. Immediately at least 6 girls caught my eye. The place had a decent amount of customers sitting around either waiting for friends or they simply couldn't decide.

I picked a girl within minutes. No way was I going to let another guy pick her up first. Now I don't want to get into too much details or else this post will get too long. But to me there were at least 10 gorgeous Thai girls that I would love to have some alone time with. The remaining girls were not so bad looking either.

Prices for girls start at 1800THB for 1 hour. The girl I chose cost me 2400THB and she was worth it!

Nataree Massage Bangkok

2. Nataree Massage - For the longest time Nataree has been my #1 top pick for soapy massage. And they are still tops in my book. However, if you've been reading my blog you'll know the kinds of Thai girls I like, which is light skinned and tall.

Nataree still has a lot of cute Thai girls and a lot of them are young around 18 to early 20 years of age. But a lot of the side line girls found inside are petit and darker skinned. Nataree is still the best hunting ground for side liners because they have at least 30 to to 40 girls sitting around the lounge area waiting for customers.

Sideline girls at Nataree range from 1800THB up to 2600THB. Girls in the higher price range tend to be younger and newer in the industry.

There's also a fishbowl section too with what seemed like new girls to me too. A couple of them were pretty good looking with nice sized tits and pretty faces. Fishbowl girl prices at Nataree start at 1800THB. Maybe I'll be heading back to Nataree soon!

** June 2016 Update ** Nataree has shut down for being extra naughty. Is it permanent? I don't know. But you can check out their sister property Alaina Entertainment which is not far from Nataree.(Check map above for Alaina Entertainment location.)

Emmanuelle Massage Bangkok

3. Emmanuelle Massage - This is one of the first soapy massage I've ever been to way back. And Emmanuelle really used to be one of my favorites as well until a spout of bad management totally ruined the experience. They were once one of the most well known spots infamous for falang surcharge.

When I went back last week I was surprised to see a decent amount of hot massage girls behind the fishbowl. And their side line girls were just as gorgeous. I simply couldn't decide. So I asked about the prices first in English, crossing my fingers they won't rip me off.

The Papasan said 2100THB for the side line girls and fishbowl girls start at 1800THB, which sounds about right. I asked about one particular fishbowl girl with a gorgeous body and papasan quoted me 2300THB. That was a done deal so I chose her. And I'm glad I did as I had one of the best soapy experiences ever!

Ocean Entertainment Bangkok

4. Ocean Entertainment Massage -  Formerly Colonze 2, Ocean Entertainment Massage is under new management and they've brought in a lot of new talent. Downstairs is the fishbowl section with a handful of side liners. But I always head upstairs to the model section.

Seems like the new management has done something right. There were about 15 model category girls and I found at least 5 to my taste. Ocean entertainment model girls start at 2300THB for an hour. I chose a tall Chinese looking girl with gorgeous almond shaped eyes. Her tits were fake but I'm not complaining. I only wish she had some ass though.

Anyways Ocean Entertainment has been somewhat renovated, as the last year I went it seemed to be falling apart.

I forgot to check on the price for fishbowl girls and side liners because I didn't find any attractive girls in that area at that time. But they shouldn't be charging more than 2000THB for fishbowl girls and 2100THB for side liners.

5. Poseidon Entertainment Massage - My friends tell me Poseidon's selection of model girls have gotten a lot better through the years. And I agree, I went there last month and picked up a hot model. She was in her early 30's but man her body was hot and her was pretty. She cost 6000THB though for 45 minutes. But I don't care it was my friend's treat.

But the time I was there they had at least 3 Penthouse Model type girls. Normally you have to make reservations if you want to get with them. However, that day I believe some customer cancelled out some group orgy. Must be a guy with a lot of cash because he lost his deposit money.

Anyways I took a peek at their fishbowl girls and didn't find anyone attractive. But I've still got my memories of that hot girl I picked out from Poseidon's model girls!

By the way if you're planning on travel to Bangkok to try out these soapies there are quite a few good hotels near these soapies. I wrote a post here so you can check it out.

So there you have, my top 5 favorite soapy massage parlors in Bangkok review!